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Nancy Pelosi Impeachable?

by Brian

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi better be sure her crimes against the Constitution and EVERY American are well hidden, otherwise she may be the one ripe for impeachment. In watching an interview with NSA whistle blower, William Binney, he related that it was Nancy Pelosi (and others) who were briefed that the NSA was subverting the restrictions and guidelines which the Church committee had laid down. These alterations, as related by Binney, were and are totally in violation of the U.S. Constitution, where ALL communications by law abiding Americans are now monitored by the NSA. Pelosi was secretly briefed that this level of surveillance was going to be done on ALL Americans. It was kept secret by the NSA because if they let the general Senate and Congress know what they were doing and planning, the Senate and Congress members would never have allowed it. But briefed on this unconstitutional activity, Pelosi did NOTHING to stop it. She swore to protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Looks like if this ever really sees the light of day in a Federal court, as it should, that Pelosi might be starring down the ugly road of her own impeachment for NOT upholding the U.S. Constitution in the face of NSA spying and a traitor to ALL Americans being spied upon, unconstitutionally and illegally, by the NSA! I have posted the interview with Binney on my FB page. Please watch it!

El Chappo busted because of competent police work – I am NOT buying it!

by Brian

So here we have the notorious El Chappo drug lord "finally" busted and looking at the prospect of life in prison without the possibility of parole. While I agree, that he should never be a free man again, I do not believe the scenario that he is behind bars because of competent police work. El Chappo was worth billions. That alone would get the interest of those wanting to steal some of those riches for themselves. But we must remember that Congressman Sonny Bono, was shown documents by an FBI agent which showed him that many of our Senators and Congress members were ( and probably still are) on the take for some of the money made from the sale of illegal drugs. Bono stated that when the next session of Congress opened in January, that he was going to "expose what I know and have learned about and I am going to name names." Suspiciously, Bono, it has been (mis) reported was killed in a skiing accident and that he hit a tree. Only flaw in this fake news was that his sunglasses were not even broken! Not broken in a frontal collision with a tree at skiing speeds? And the police report showed that he had "blunt force trauma to the back of his head." Was he murdered because of the expose he promised to release? We may never know. But if what Bono learned is true, as I and many others do, this further leads me to believe rather than competent police work, that El Chappo had simply grown too powerful...was too rich. Those that are working to continue to make profits from the sale of illegal drugs ( I believe many of them are in the U.S. and at least some are Congress members and Senators and in other such positions) had to remove him as they wanted to grab some of the huge amounts of money he had accumulated and also wanted to permanently divert future profits to themselves. They simply no longer wanted to keep using and protecting El Chappo. He was now an impediment to the billions they could claim for he was "busted." He could have been arrested years ago, I am convinced, but a select few psychopaths wanted to keep getting profits from the organization El Chappo was establishing and had established for himself...for a while, until busting him meant more profits for them. Remember these few criminals allowed El Chappo to continue amassing a fortune despite the misery and suffering, murders and torture which was done by him and his followers for years, when they could have stopped these kinds of criminal acts. They chose profit over human lives. El Chappo busted by smart police work? No. By greed!

The Democrats have crossed an ugly line!

by Brian

The legislative activities of Democrats all across the country in seeking to remove restrictions, especially on third-trimester abortions, has the Democratic party crossing a very disgusting, amoral and repulsive line. They are now working, as a party, to legalize and support abortions in the ninth month of pregnancy and even if the woman has physical signs that she about to give birth! When Democratic Virginia House Delegate Kathy Tran was asked about this, she stated flatly: "My bill would allow that, yes."

Now we have all heard the overuse of calling individuals "Nazi's". Usually this is used very loosely anytime one either has run out of debate points, simply wants to embarrass the person or wreck their reputation and credibility, or the person is acting in a way that factually does place their actions on a par with the crimes against humanity exhibited by the worst members of the Third Reich.

I cannot and will not say (in desiring to retain my own credibility and to remain factual) that because of the legislative actions Democrats are taking all across the country regarding abortions that they are all, "Nazi's". However I will say that the murder of the unborn or in the case of Trans bill (the almost about to be born, unless in the case of refutable and proven danger to the life of the Mother, or an unsustainable condition of the baby) that making such abortions law comes within a razors edge of representing the most despicable, amoral, gross and revolting disregard for life. And this is an aspect of the Nazi regime that we all do find repugnant and quite horrible.

I would hope that those in the Democratic party that do still hold a much more ethical, more respectful and caring attitude towards life, will begin to speak out against the depravity of the more liberal members of their party.

It will be a bad situation for the prosperity of the Democratic party if their stand regarding abortions and other issues of the day comes anywhere close, echoes even a shadow, of the horrible crimes against humanity and society represented by the Nazi regime. It would also represent a growing disregard for the sanctity of life and that would represent a danger to the unborn and to all of us!

The Federal Reserve is the Problem in our Economy – NOT President Trump

by Brian

One can see clearly just how much of a problem the Federal Reserve is to this country's economic health and that it's time for a "divorce" from this non-American entity which controls the amount of money in our country. How? By reading the opening paragraph by Jim Tankersley with the New York Times News Service. "The Trump administration's rosy view of the economy is increasingly diverging from a decidedly more cautious outlook from other prognosticators, including economists at the Federal Reserve and elsewhere, who are warning that growth is slowing, in part because of the president's own policies."

How laughable is this false pronouncement from the Federal Reserve and "elsewhere" (undocumented and unnamed sources)! It is the policies of the Federal Reserve and their limiting of allowing cash to be more abundant in our economy, which previous to Trump's brilliant work on fixing our economy, WAS AND REMAINS THE PROBLEM!

From my book, "Plan for America and the World" comes this from chapter two - "The Federal Reserve":

"As many of you know, the Federal Reserve Banking System, is the non-American controlled entity, that prints all U.S. currency.  Allowing such a situation as this to occur is simply one of the greatest “cancers” and scams ever fostered upon this country. It must be eradicated and the U.S. government placed in charge of printing and distributing our own paper money.  We must get back to a federal monetary system where we are printing our own paper money as well as distributing it.  Under such a system, our economy will flourish, in the same way that other countries including America did, whenever central banking interests were severely limited in their power and control over the supply of money."

President Trump's economic polices are working and are NOT the problem. The Federal Reserve and the international banking cartel is!

The New York Times shows its true colors

by Brian

It could not be more clear just how controlled covertly by The Power Elite the writing in the New York Times is than to take a look at the recent piece by Ross Douthat regarding President Trump's doctrine of leadership when Douthat writes: "Two years into his presidency, Donald Trump has no clear legislative strategy, no policy agenda, no plan for remedying his persistent unpopularity and a path to re-election sufficiently bleak that he's trying to bait a political naif, Starbucks billionaire Howard Schultz, into running as a third-party spoiler. Also he might be impeached."

Really?!? If our justice system were operating properly, Douthat might be called up on lying because even his opening paragraph is chock full of misrepresentations to the point that wonders how much he was directed to write such a fictitious piece of garbage.

This is especially true when one takes a look at the business page and finds the following (which the Trump policies have helped bring about): "U.S. employers shrugged off the partial government shutdown and engaged in a burst of hiring in January, adding 304,000 jobs, the most in nearly a year. The U.S. has now added jobs for 100 straight months, the longest such period on record. Leslie Preston, a senior economist at TD Economics went on to state that: "The overwhelming conclusion from today's numbers is that the U.S Labor market remained incredibly strong at the start of 2019."

Can we ever trust pretty much anything that gets written in the New York Times from this point forward? Doubtful, very doubtful. What can be surmised is that their editorial and news departments most likely are directed in their writing, covertly, by The Power Elite, who see President Trump a threat to their continued manipulation of this country, their power and influence. President Trump is finally a President actually working for the interests and betterment of the lives and jobs and safety of American citizens. Talk of impeachment. That is the talk of desperate, covert and psychotic individuals, especially when things are going so well in this country, economically.

Kamala Harris – part of the problem and a danger – NOT part of the solution!

by Brian
So now we have Kamala Harris throwing her "hat" into a bid to become the President of the United States (let's hope that NEVER comes to pass!).  This on a week when we lost 6 police officers. Harris, in my home town of Oakland, California ( embarrassingly) said some very negative remarks regarding our police force.  She is also another duped Democrat who apparently (unknown to her) is taking the side on issues which directly assist The Power Elite with their covert plans that have nothing to do with bettering life for any Americans.  She spoke out about the need for further gun control and that "someone should have required" our public servants ( the name all our elected officials should be called to remind them exactly who they work for) to look at the autopsy photos from the Sandy Hook school tragedy. First of all is Harris in her ignorance, proposing that this "someone" should be given a power (that is NOT in the U.S. Constitution) to be able to "order" our public servants?  Did she not swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution when she was sworn in?  And how can she be so ignorant and controlled by The Power Elite and their fellow criminals in the pharmaceutical industry arm that has pushed psychiatric drugs into our public schools, that she is blind to the FACT that psychiatric drugs were in the systems of nearly every individual that shot up schools and committed other such mayhem.  Of course the media owned by The Power Elite will never report on this fact because they are of course protecting the billions made by the pharmaceutical companies from the sale of these useless and dangerous drugs.  They, NOT the gun lobby, are guilty of the shootings in our country and should be investigated.  But Harris actually in my opinion, is an accessory to such mayhem for turning the blame away from these drugs, psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry and focusing the public instead on the questionable need for more gun legislation, which is another goal of The Power Elite.  That is why I believe her to be yet another Liberal who is forwarding the covert plans of The Power Elite, part of the problem(s) we face and definitely NOT part of any proper, constructive or meaningful solution. For a real breath of fresh air and real solutions and a positive outlook for Americans, watch Diamond and Silk - they are Grrrrrrrrreat!!!

What CNN really means – Credibility Nope None

by Brian
I just watched CNN as my lunch break was ending.  Of course they were covering the Roger Stone controversy with their usual lack of any journalistic credibility as their reports were filled to the brim with ambiguous statements backed up by no facts whatsoever.  Because of this I will now think of CNN as the Credibility, Nope None network until their management completely reworks their sorely lacking journalistic  professionalism and impartiality.

Pelosi a quality politician?

by Brian
Things are pretty transparent when ex-President Obama makes a statement with no basis in fact, but was probably simply "ordered" to make such a false pronouncement as:  (Pelosi) "is one of the most effective legislative leaders that this country has ever seen." Pelosi and the Democrats under hers and the Power Elite's covert sway, care more about flooding the country with illegal aliens so they can be placed on social services and then ( it is hoped) that the Democrats will garner their vote because of the social services they are getting for free.  Rather than effective for the people of this country - Obama's statement is true if "effective" means for the twisted goals that the Power Elite has for this country.  If not and one is seeking to determine if Pelosi has been "effective" for the people of this country, my personal opinion is that she is a traitor to this country and Americans and what this country stands for.  That is my personal opinion from all that I have seen her stand for.  I have both a right to express my opinion and to share it with whomever I choose to.

“Plan for America and the World” chapter four: Prisoners

by Brian
“There is no person alive, who cannot make a new beginning.” Author, humanitarian and philosopher
  1. Ron Hubbard,
from a passage from the Way to Happiness, by L. Ron Hubbard, on page 71. Copyright 1981, L. Ron Hubbard Library.  All Rights Reserved. ~ ~ ~ "Plan for America and the World" Chapter Four: Prisoners Oh, what to do with the individuals in our system of jails in America and elsewhere in the world? Certainly, for those that have committed the most heinous crimes, the families effected and to a large degree the rest of the population, often desire revenge in the form of capital punishment.  But if one believes in reincarnation (the fact of living life after life in a human form again and again), as I do and as many, many millions of people in this world do, when we inflict the death penalty on someone for a crime they have committed, are we not shirking a key aspect of our responsibility? Are we not sending “our problem” into the future by killing this man or woman?  And again, citing the basic premise of reincarnation, since they will reincarnate again into a human form, and possibly act in a criminal manner again, are we by killing them, NOT taking the responsibility now, to try to rehabilitate this individual...while we know where he or she is?  Because if we kill this person, the moment we do, haven't we in essence, lost track of where they are, where they have gone and who they will become in their next lifetime and what havoc they may inflict on individuals and in societies, in the future? I believe that while we have this individual under our control, that it is our responsibility to rehabilitate them, not to send this person into the future forcing future societies to deal with the mayhem, death and destruction this individual may cause. Also, to be considered, is the cost of their capture, trial and imprisonment, once again. It is our responsibility, if we are to call ourselves a responsible society, to rehabilitate this our time! Now certainly many, many people will say that such an individual cannot be rehabilitated. They may argue that why should society pay the costs for a lifetime imprisonment of such a person, which includes a cell to live in, food, clothing, health care and other such costs?  All good questions! First the second point:    I believe that those in jail, should pay for ALL the costs associated with their incarceration: their living space “rent,” food, clothing, health care and any other related costs. They should earn this income by working long hard days if that's what it takes for them to be responsible for their basic costs of living. Citizens should not be burdened with these costs, except those of the maintenance of jails and salary for the staff, which for a time is a necessary and required part of society.  Since it is in our best interests and the best interests of future generations, which we do have a responsibility to, since we have this individual under our control, the public should be willing to pay for any costs associated with their rehabilitation. And individuals in prison can be rehabilitated!  The international Criminon program has proven this to be true.  One should look at their programs and their many successes at Also, of note, is that with a reduction and virtual elimination of any barbaric or harmful psychiatric methods and a real education of the public regarding the truth about drugs and values and morals, the society at large will see a drastic and dramatic reduction, in the overall level of violence and crime. This will then lower the numbers of individuals in our jail system who need rehabilitation. More on this will be covered in the chapters in this book on drugs, psychiatry, morals and ethics. Also covered in this book, in a future chapter on students, is a desire to see that all students to graduate, will be taken on a guided and safe tour of our revamped prisons.  Students will see firsthand that those that break the law are working hard and long hours to pay for the cost of their incarceration.  Those that do not wish to be so financially burdened while serving a sentence, might seriously consider living within the law and being law abiding citizens.  

The Threat this Christmas and to our Freedoms, Liberties and the United States of America

by Brian
As we all head into enjoying the Christmas Holidays with our families and friends, there is a visible and active threat to the freedoms, liberties and the very way of life in this country, led by two specific individuals who, in my opinion are traitors to everything this country stands for. Soon to be (ugh) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader ( thankfully that's all the power he has) Chuck Schumer. In my opinion they are continually lying to the American public, as they did today in their joint press conference. They stated that President Trump was throwing a "temper tantrum" and that the reason that President Trump changed his mind on the funding for the wall and is open to a partial Government shutdown, is that members of the far right, "got to him". And that a "Government shutdown is bad for Americans", which is another lie that the Pelosi and Schumer, "dog and pony" show tells, because only 25% of the government will be shut down if President Trump (hopefully) does not waver from his position on the absolute need for a border wall AND the funding for it. And ONLY non-essential activities will be effected. But the Democrats like the two mentioned above will say ANYTHING, in order to make President Trump look bad. I believe strongly that most Americans are bright enough to see through the Democrat contrived "fog of confusion" and realize that deciding between shutting down a PORTION of the Government until the border wall funding is in place, is a much better decision than to allow criminals, terrorists and other malcontents to gain access to this country. But the Democrats are willing to place the safety of this country at risk by ill-advised border security measures, SOLELY because they want MORE illegals to pour into this country, so they can be placed on social services with the hope by the Democrats that by giving illegals free stuff that they will vote again and again for Democrats. The Democrats are reckless, self-centered and only concerned about their re-election and NOT what is good for Americans. I still wish all of you well and that you have a very happy holidays. However, to ensure our freedoms and liberties and the wonderful country and the benefits of living in this great country, that does come with a small price - ALL OF US, have to take actions both small and large in order to do our part in preserving this country. Whatever you can do. Because the responsibility does NOT only fall upon the few....not only on those public servants (politicians) the few who are still working for our interests, and that is represented very well in President Trumps policies and others that support him, including me, but the responsibility falls on all of us. This country will or will not be in a good condition depending on the actions all of us take or do not take in helping to preserve freedom and liberty and the United States of America. Again, Happy Holidays!