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Finally the “Impeachment” is over!

by Brian
Now that President Trump has been acquitted on ALL charges brought against him, I hope that the brightest and most ethical Democrats and Republicans will sit down together, roll up their sleeves and get down to the work all of us sent them to Washington to do:  Get our health care system in better shape; get projects going to rebuild our aging infrastructure from the West coast to the East coast; protect Social Security for all that HAVE paid into it and all that are paying into it now, who someday would like to receive their fare share; work to make our elected officials (they should be re-named public servants) in Washington and this country working for the interests and betterment of this country for American citizens; repair our education system so that we are educating our young people (the future of this country and this world) so they are ethical, responsible and productive members of society and begin an educational campaign regarding drugs from Alcohol to Zanax, so that our young people and people everywhere are FULLY informed regarding what drugs will do to one.  Education is our best "weapon" so that we do not have our young people and citizens abusing alcohol and taking drugs.  One of the best set of publications for this is the Truth About Drugs booklets from the Drug Free World campaign.
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I have started a new group on Facebook: Maintaining our Freedoms and Liberties.

by Brian
The group I have started, which is open to anyone: Maintaining our Freedoms and Liberties is a group which will feature discussions, exposes and information both about successes in maintaining our freedoms and liberties as well as reports regarding fake news, fake threats ( such as the false claims of "global warming") and reports designed to expose the plans of the Power Elite to subvert and erase freedom and liberties in this world.  I urge Democrats, Republicans and independents to join together in this group to forward our common goal of maintaining freedom and liberty in this country and preserving it around the world or expanding it anywhere it might have been suppressed. One must acknowledge or perhaps though involvement in this group come to realize that the Power Elite does have an agenda they are working on relentlessly, which contains no thought or effort to preserve freedom and liberty.  They  and their evil goals must be exposed and defeated. This group should not be viewed as a negative or depressing group to be a part of - but rather one that encourages ALL people in this world and this group to be involved taking actions large or small in helping to preserve freedom and liberty.
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by Brian
CLUELESS - The Democrats who are still pushing for impeachment of President Trump are showing they are clueless about how to get elected back into the White House. They are also showing that they care more about regaining position and power than doing what's good for Americans. With the President's policies having created the lowest numbers for unemployment of blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Americans are getting more in every paycheck they receive. The President is making our allies and business partners either pay their fair share ( NATO ) and specifically China NOT ripping off the U.S. any longer. With all of this, continued talk of impeaching the President makes the Democrats who are still voicing this chant, appear...clueless and self-serving.
Instead of "burning the mid-night oil" and coming up with fresh policies that Americans want and will respond favorably to, too many Democrats simply prefer the lazy approach of criticizing every little thing about the President. What's next - critical remarks because the paperclips in his desk drawer at the White House are not neatly arranged? Probably!
Look, I do not talk like the president. But I am not from New York and I did not grow up on the streets of that city where tough talk and a stern demeanor keep you from being bullied. Sure, it would be nice to speak nicely to the major leaders of the world. But too many of these leaders are NOT nice people. So, President Trump shows them it's going to be his way (the proper, decent and equitable way) or they can "hit the highway!"
Americans are not in the position of having to deal with some of the most evil leaders the world has known. If the President appeared to be weak, or presented weak policies in dealing with world leaders, they would have continued ripping off this country or worse. We are so lucky Hilary Clinton was defeated, because she is dirty (in my opinion) and she is connected to and supported by some of the most evil intentioned individuals in the world today. These few individuals harbor and are forwarding goals that have nothing to do with bettering our lives or this world.
Too many Democrats have to adhere to these dangerous and failure (for us) driven policies, because covertly The Power Elite supports them. The Power Elite took a look at which party would be easier to subvert into forwarding their twisted goals. I believe they saw that most Republicans, devout to religious beliefs, would have been too difficult to subvert. So, they chose the Democratic party as the party which could be most easily manipulated into espousing and thus working to forward, their twisted and evil agenda.
From the continued forwarding of the false claims that human activity is heating the planet, to supporting the murder of the unborn and even some talk of killing the "just born" when the baby is discovered to have a "flaw", it is easy to see what has occurred. It is the fringe members and to some degree most Democrats who are the ones pushing a covertly "packaged" (to them) Nazi inspired agenda. This now comes from a covert Rockefeller -Rothschild's, International Banking, Military Industrial complex and select International businesses ( to name a few ) inspired cabal.
The United States must NEVER come under the control of any one world government. The U.S. must not fall. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights MUST remain the foundation upon which this country rests. These documents represent support of the continuance of the freedoms, liberties and our form of justice, that saves Americans from tyranny and enslavement.
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Illinois Governor and Lt. Governor clueless on helping black community

by Brian

Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker has reached an agreement with key lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana in the state starting next year. Both the Governor and Lt. Governor proved they are completely clueless on how to help black communities by statements they made. The Governor stated: "The proposal starts righting some historic wrongs against minority communities that have suffered from discriminatory drug policies and enforcement." The Lt. Governor, Juliana Stratton, issued an equally clueless comment when she stated: "This bill advances equity by providing resources and second chances to people and communities that have been harmed by policies such as the failed war on drugs."

Both these (public servants) the name ALL elected officials should be called regularly and always to remind them who they work for - American citizens) cannot be taken seriously when making such insane comments. By making marijuana more easily and legally available, they are simply sending more fuel to a fire, straight into the black and other communities who will now witness more people on drugs; more people NOT taking any responsibility for their communities; more young people unable to function in society and thereby will remain unemployed; more crime and more Americans sinking into the abyss of criminality and drug use.

But you see, ever since "Project Paperclip" was begun in this country, the program of bringing Nazi scientists to this country, there has been a covert and insidious campaign to destroy this country from within and from the infusion and link-up of the Nazi ideology with those here who also covertly agree with the insanity such beliefs. And the Democratic party is the one which these covert elements felt they could most easily subvert to do their bidding. That is why marijuana is being legalized in more states every year. That is why our educational system has been systematically destroyed. That is why the prescriptions of psychiatric drugs in schools is out of control. That is why there is an attack on religion and the traditional family unit. That is why the most gruesome methods of abortions are allowed. That is why President Trump is attacked on a daily basis. That is why pornography is so available on the internet, while voices that should be heard like Alex Jones and others are banned on Facebook.

Researcher Mae Brussell, whose radio programs can still be listened to on a website featuring her shows, did the research into Project Paperclip and it's aftermath and discovered Nazi's on the U.S. Security Council and in other key positions in the U.S. Government. And although most of these individuals have since died, the seeds of the psychotic beliefs of the Nazi's have taken root with equally psychotic individuals still alive and well in this country. They must be exposed and removed from any positions where their twisted beliefs can have any impact on any American citizens if we hope to preserve this great country and to see our liberties and our freedoms intact for ourselves and future generations.

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Young People Fooled

by Brian

Nothing could be more incorrect than the letter to the Sun by Rita Ransom. She suggested sending "Kudos to the thousands of students around the world", because they have been fooled into believing and are forwarding the complete hoaxes of "global warming" and (warming) climate change.
It is very disparaging to see our young people so fooled, when their student predecessors in the 60's were not.  They were able to expose and bring an end to the travesty and false premise of the Vietnam War.  Recently the "Gulf of Tonkin incident", the lynch pin for the Vietnam War, was shown to be a complete fabrication. A fabrication which caused thousands of people to be killed on both sides of the conflict, but a conflict which made millions for those companies involved with the war effort.  This went on until young people in the 60's through their on-going demonstrations (one Nov. 15, 1969 was 500,000 strong) and their "teach-ins" regarding the war and the release of the Pentagon Papers, which made continuance of the war impossible.
Today, those forwarding misinformation campaigns have directed them squarely at our young people, in an effort to keep them from exposing what the Power Elite and the Military Industrial Complex is doing and the real facts about today's issues.

Instead of sending them kudos, thus encouraging them to work against their own future and actually for the Power Elite, let us get our young people the facts regarding these issues!  Provided with the truth we will witness again the future of this and any country (young people) leading the charge against the Power Elite and all the covertly engineered campaigns they are pushing with only their purposes in mind and certainly no concern for benefiting the masses. 

Our young people of today have an awesome heritage to live up to when one looks to the 1960's and the tremendous work that was done to limit the power and influence of the Power Elite and the Military Industrial Complex which President Eisenhower warned Americans about. Currently, because of the covert efforts of the Power Elite and their forwarding of many false campaigns such as mentioned above, our young people, indoctrinated and misled, are presenting a failing grade.
Let us not be idle, or complacent or uninvolved with ensuring that they can always look, read the FACTS, discuss and are not fooled about today's major issues.  If we remain active in helping them to get the facts, this will go a long way towards making our future a positive, ethical, productive and bright one. Otherwise the covert agenda of the Power Elite wins and we loose and our young people's futures will not be bright.

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Nancy Pelosi Impeachable?

by Brian

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi better be sure her crimes against the Constitution and EVERY American are well hidden, otherwise she may be the one ripe for impeachment. In watching an interview with NSA whistle blower, William Binney, he related that it was Nancy Pelosi (and others) who were briefed that the NSA was subverting the restrictions and guidelines which the Church committee had laid down. These alterations, as related by Binney, were and are totally in violation of the U.S. Constitution, where ALL communications by law abiding Americans are now monitored by the NSA. Pelosi was secretly briefed that this level of surveillance was going to be done on ALL Americans. It was kept secret by the NSA because if they let the general Senate and Congress know what they were doing and planning, the Senate and Congress members would never have allowed it. But briefed on this unconstitutional activity, Pelosi did NOTHING to stop it. She swore to protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Looks like if this ever really sees the light of day in a Federal court, as it should, that Pelosi might be starring down the ugly road of her own impeachment for NOT upholding the U.S. Constitution in the face of NSA spying and a traitor to ALL Americans being spied upon, unconstitutionally and illegally, by the NSA! I have posted the interview with Binney on my FB page. Please watch it!

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El Chappo busted because of competent police work – I am NOT buying it!

by Brian

So here we have the notorious El Chappo drug lord "finally" busted and looking at the prospect of life in prison without the possibility of parole. While I agree, that he should never be a free man again, I do not believe the scenario that he is behind bars because of competent police work. El Chappo was worth billions. That alone would get the interest of those wanting to steal some of those riches for themselves. But we must remember that Congressman Sonny Bono, was shown documents by an FBI agent which showed him that many of our Senators and Congress members were ( and probably still are) on the take for some of the money made from the sale of illegal drugs. Bono stated that when the next session of Congress opened in January, that he was going to "expose what I know and have learned about and I am going to name names." Suspiciously, Bono, it has been (mis) reported was killed in a skiing accident and that he hit a tree. Only flaw in this fake news was that his sunglasses were not even broken! Not broken in a frontal collision with a tree at skiing speeds? And the police report showed that he had "blunt force trauma to the back of his head." Was he murdered because of the expose he promised to release? We may never know. But if what Bono learned is true, as I and many others do, this further leads me to believe rather than competent police work, that El Chappo had simply grown too powerful...was too rich. Those that are working to continue to make profits from the sale of illegal drugs ( I believe many of them are in the U.S. and at least some are Congress members and Senators and in other such positions) had to remove him as they wanted to grab some of the huge amounts of money he had accumulated and also wanted to permanently divert future profits to themselves. They simply no longer wanted to keep using and protecting El Chappo. He was now an impediment to the billions they could claim for he was "busted." He could have been arrested years ago, I am convinced, but a select few psychopaths wanted to keep getting profits from the organization El Chappo was establishing and had established for himself...for a while, until busting him meant more profits for them. Remember these few criminals allowed El Chappo to continue amassing a fortune despite the misery and suffering, murders and torture which was done by him and his followers for years, when they could have stopped these kinds of criminal acts. They chose profit over human lives. El Chappo busted by smart police work? No. By greed!

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The Democrats have crossed an ugly line!

by Brian

The legislative activities of Democrats all across the country in seeking to remove restrictions, especially on third-trimester abortions, has the Democratic party crossing a very disgusting, amoral and repulsive line. They are now working, as a party, to legalize and support abortions in the ninth month of pregnancy and even if the woman has physical signs that she about to give birth! When Democratic Virginia House Delegate Kathy Tran was asked about this, she stated flatly: "My bill would allow that, yes."

Now we have all heard the overuse of calling individuals "Nazi's". Usually this is used very loosely anytime one either has run out of debate points, simply wants to embarrass the person or wreck their reputation and credibility, or the person is acting in a way that factually does place their actions on a par with the crimes against humanity exhibited by the worst members of the Third Reich.

I cannot and will not say (in desiring to retain my own credibility and to remain factual) that because of the legislative actions Democrats are taking all across the country regarding abortions that they are all, "Nazi's". However I will say that the murder of the unborn or in the case of Trans bill (the almost about to be born, unless in the case of refutable and proven danger to the life of the Mother, or an unsustainable condition of the baby) that making such abortions law comes within a razors edge of representing the most despicable, amoral, gross and revolting disregard for life. And this is an aspect of the Nazi regime that we all do find repugnant and quite horrible.

I would hope that those in the Democratic party that do still hold a much more ethical, more respectful and caring attitude towards life, will begin to speak out against the depravity of the more liberal members of their party.

It will be a bad situation for the prosperity of the Democratic party if their stand regarding abortions and other issues of the day comes anywhere close, echoes even a shadow, of the horrible crimes against humanity and society represented by the Nazi regime. It would also represent a growing disregard for the sanctity of life and that would represent a danger to the unborn and to all of us!

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The Federal Reserve is the Problem in our Economy – NOT President Trump

by Brian

One can see clearly just how much of a problem the Federal Reserve is to this country's economic health and that it's time for a "divorce" from this non-American entity which controls the amount of money in our country. How? By reading the opening paragraph by Jim Tankersley with the New York Times News Service. "The Trump administration's rosy view of the economy is increasingly diverging from a decidedly more cautious outlook from other prognosticators, including economists at the Federal Reserve and elsewhere, who are warning that growth is slowing, in part because of the president's own policies."

How laughable is this false pronouncement from the Federal Reserve and "elsewhere" (undocumented and unnamed sources)! It is the policies of the Federal Reserve and their limiting of allowing cash to be more abundant in our economy, which previous to Trump's brilliant work on fixing our economy, WAS AND REMAINS THE PROBLEM!

From my book, "Plan for America and the World" comes this from chapter two - "The Federal Reserve":

"As many of you know, the Federal Reserve Banking System, is the non-American controlled entity, that prints all U.S. currency.  Allowing such a situation as this to occur is simply one of the greatest “cancers” and scams ever fostered upon this country. It must be eradicated and the U.S. government placed in charge of printing and distributing our own paper money.  We must get back to a federal monetary system where we are printing our own paper money as well as distributing it.  Under such a system, our economy will flourish, in the same way that other countries including America did, whenever central banking interests were severely limited in their power and control over the supply of money."

President Trump's economic polices are working and are NOT the problem. The Federal Reserve and the international banking cartel is!

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The New York Times shows its true colors

by Brian

It could not be more clear just how controlled covertly by The Power Elite the writing in the New York Times is than to take a look at the recent piece by Ross Douthat regarding President Trump's doctrine of leadership when Douthat writes: "Two years into his presidency, Donald Trump has no clear legislative strategy, no policy agenda, no plan for remedying his persistent unpopularity and a path to re-election sufficiently bleak that he's trying to bait a political naif, Starbucks billionaire Howard Schultz, into running as a third-party spoiler. Also he might be impeached."

Really?!? If our justice system were operating properly, Douthat might be called up on lying because even his opening paragraph is chock full of misrepresentations to the point that wonders how much he was directed to write such a fictitious piece of garbage.

This is especially true when one takes a look at the business page and finds the following (which the Trump policies have helped bring about): "U.S. employers shrugged off the partial government shutdown and engaged in a burst of hiring in January, adding 304,000 jobs, the most in nearly a year. The U.S. has now added jobs for 100 straight months, the longest such period on record. Leslie Preston, a senior economist at TD Economics went on to state that: "The overwhelming conclusion from today's numbers is that the U.S Labor market remained incredibly strong at the start of 2019."

Can we ever trust pretty much anything that gets written in the New York Times from this point forward? Doubtful, very doubtful. What can be surmised is that their editorial and news departments most likely are directed in their writing, covertly, by The Power Elite, who see President Trump a threat to their continued manipulation of this country, their power and influence. President Trump is finally a President actually working for the interests and betterment of the lives and jobs and safety of American citizens. Talk of impeachment. That is the talk of desperate, covert and psychotic individuals, especially when things are going so well in this country, economically.

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