by Brian
CLUELESS – The Democrats who are still pushing for impeachment of President Trump are showing they are clueless about how to get elected back into the White House. They are also showing that they care more about regaining position and power than doing what’s good for Americans. With the President’s policies having created the lowest numbers for unemployment of blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Americans are getting more in every paycheck they receive. The President is making our allies and business partners either pay their fair share ( NATO ) and specifically China NOT ripping off the U.S. any longer. With all of this, continued talk of impeaching the President makes the Democrats who are still voicing this chant, appear…clueless and self-serving.
Instead of “burning the mid-night oil” and coming up with fresh policies that Americans want and will respond favorably to, too many Democrats simply prefer the lazy approach of criticizing every little thing about the President. What’s next – critical remarks because the paperclips in his desk drawer at the White House are not neatly arranged? Probably!
Look, I do not talk like the president. But I am not from New York and I did not grow up on the streets of that city where tough talk and a stern demeanor keep you from being bullied. Sure, it would be nice to speak nicely to the major leaders of the world. But too many of these leaders are NOT nice people. So, President Trump shows them it’s going to be his way (the proper, decent and equitable way) or they can “hit the highway!”
Americans are not in the position of having to deal with some of the most evil leaders the world has known. If the President appeared to be weak, or presented weak policies in dealing with world leaders, they would have continued ripping off this country or worse. We are so lucky Hilary Clinton was defeated, because she is dirty (in my opinion) and she is connected to and supported by some of the most evil intentioned individuals in the world today. These few individuals harbor and are forwarding goals that have nothing to do with bettering our lives or this world.
Too many Democrats have to adhere to these dangerous and failure (for us) driven policies, because covertly The Power Elite supports them. The Power Elite took a look at which party would be easier to subvert into forwarding their twisted goals. I believe they saw that most Republicans, devout to religious beliefs, would have been too difficult to subvert. So, they chose the Democratic party as the party which could be most easily manipulated into espousing and thus working to forward, their twisted and evil agenda.
From the continued forwarding of the false claims that human activity is heating the planet, to supporting the murder of the unborn and even some talk of killing the “just born” when the baby is discovered to have a “flaw”, it is easy to see what has occurred. It is the fringe members and to some degree most Democrats who are the ones pushing a covertly “packaged” (to them) Nazi inspired agenda. This now comes from a covert Rockefeller -Rothschild’s, International Banking, Military Industrial complex and select International businesses ( to name a few ) inspired cabal.
The United States must NEVER come under the control of any one world government. The U.S. must not fall. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights MUST remain the foundation upon which this country rests. These documents represent support of the continuance of the freedoms, liberties and our form of justice, that saves Americans from tyranny and enslavement.
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