Illinois Governor and Lt. Governor clueless on helping black community

by Brian

Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker has reached an agreement with key lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana in the state starting next year. Both the Governor and Lt. Governor proved they are completely clueless on how to help black communities by statements they made. The Governor stated: “The proposal starts righting some historic wrongs against minority communities that have suffered from discriminatory drug policies and enforcement.” The Lt. Governor, Juliana Stratton, issued an equally clueless comment when she stated: “This bill advances equity by providing resources and second chances to people and communities that have been harmed by policies such as the failed war on drugs.”

Both these (public servants) the name ALL elected officials should be called regularly and always to remind them who they work for – American citizens) cannot be taken seriously when making such insane comments. By making marijuana more easily and legally available, they are simply sending more fuel to a fire, straight into the black and other communities who will now witness more people on drugs; more people NOT taking any responsibility for their communities; more young people unable to function in society and thereby will remain unemployed; more crime and more Americans sinking into the abyss of criminality and drug use.

But you see, ever since “Project Paperclip” was begun in this country, the program of bringing Nazi scientists to this country, there has been a covert and insidious campaign to destroy this country from within and from the infusion and link-up of the Nazi ideology with those here who also covertly agree with the insanity such beliefs. And the Democratic party is the one which these covert elements felt they could most easily subvert to do their bidding. That is why marijuana is being legalized in more states every year. That is why our educational system has been systematically destroyed. That is why the prescriptions of psychiatric drugs in schools is out of control. That is why there is an attack on religion and the traditional family unit. That is why the most gruesome methods of abortions are allowed. That is why President Trump is attacked on a daily basis. That is why pornography is so available on the internet, while voices that should be heard like Alex Jones and others are banned on Facebook.

Researcher Mae Brussell, whose radio programs can still be listened to on a website featuring her shows, did the research into Project Paperclip and it’s aftermath and discovered Nazi’s on the U.S. Security Council and in other key positions in the U.S. Government. And although most of these individuals have since died, the seeds of the psychotic beliefs of the Nazi’s have taken root with equally psychotic individuals still alive and well in this country. They must be exposed and removed from any positions where their twisted beliefs can have any impact on any American citizens if we hope to preserve this great country and to see our liberties and our freedoms intact for ourselves and future generations.

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