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About the Author

Brian Gardner was born in California.  Brian’s first writing experience was in the late 60’s when he wrote “The Motoring Gazette” covering all things automotive, with a friend. He also wrote “Generation Rap”  a column for teens for the tract newsletter where his parents lived and later he was a guest columnist in a local newspaper, while working at a local construction company. Brian has had many, many letters to the Editor published over the years and is an award winning Motor Sports Journalist for a review published in Autoweek magazine.  He has written a children’s Christmas story titled, “Hermie’s First Christmas” and also a science fiction, short novel titled, “The Banished.”

In 1969 he purchased his first drum set and has played drums ever since.  He also has a collection of percussion instruments from around the world, taught himself to play guitar and to date, has release one album of his original songs titled, “Songs of a Lifetime and Other Tales.” He has done over 250 performances of his one man Music-Comedy-Variety show, at retirement homes.

Brian has hosted Cable TV shows and radio shows; a Christmas concept “Toy-a-Thon” he was the MC for, won a local Cable Ace Award and he has been the guest on over 24,000 radio programs which have aired in Canada, Mexico and the United States, on community betterment topics. Brian is an active member of Toastmasters International.

Brian has been a parishioner of the Church of Scientology since 1979. He worked in the Church’s San Francisco Public Relations office doing community work with the San Francisco Mayors Drug Awareness unit, the USO and many other community groups.  He is currently the Way to Happiness Las Vegas Chapter Director and works with the Las Vegas Police Department, helping to lower crime in the area.

Brian has been a Star Trek fan, since the first episode aired in 1966. As a young boy he loved auto racing, (he still is a Motor Sports fan).

“Plan for America and the World”, is Brian’s first book on social, political issues.  And he says with a flair of confidence: “It may not be my last – stay tuned.”