Young People Fooled

by Brian

Nothing could be more incorrect than the letter to the Sun by Rita Ransom. She suggested sending “Kudos to the thousands of students around the world”, because they have been fooled into believing and are forwarding the complete hoaxes of “global warming” and (warming) climate change.
It is very disparaging to see our young people so fooled, when their student predecessors in the 60’s were not.  They were able to expose and bring an end to the travesty and false premise of the Vietnam War.  Recently the “Gulf of Tonkin incident”, the lynch pin for the Vietnam War, was shown to be a complete fabrication. A fabrication which caused thousands of people to be killed on both sides of the conflict, but a conflict which made millions for those companies involved with the war effort.  This went on until young people in the 60’s through their on-going demonstrations (one Nov. 15, 1969 was 500,000 strong) and their “teach-ins” regarding the war and the release of the Pentagon Papers, which made continuance of the war impossible.
Today, those forwarding misinformation campaigns have directed them squarely at our young people, in an effort to keep them from exposing what the Power Elite and the Military Industrial Complex is doing and the real facts about today’s issues.

Instead of sending them kudos, thus encouraging them to work against their own future and actually for the Power Elite, let us get our young people the facts regarding these issues!  Provided with the truth we will witness again the future of this and any country (young people) leading the charge against the Power Elite and all the covertly engineered campaigns they are pushing with only their purposes in mind and certainly no concern for benefiting the masses. 

Our young people of today have an awesome heritage to live up to when one looks to the 1960’s and the tremendous work that was done to limit the power and influence of the Power Elite and the Military Industrial Complex which President Eisenhower warned Americans about. Currently, because of the covert efforts of the Power Elite and their forwarding of many false campaigns such as mentioned above, our young people, indoctrinated and misled, are presenting a failing grade.
Let us not be idle, or complacent or uninvolved with ensuring that they can always look, read the FACTS, discuss and are not fooled about today’s major issues.  If we remain active in helping them to get the facts, this will go a long way towards making our future a positive, ethical, productive and bright one. Otherwise the covert agenda of the Power Elite wins and we loose and our young people’s futures will not be bright.

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