I have started a new group on Facebook: Maintaining our Freedoms and Liberties.

by Brian

The group I have started, which is open to anyone: Maintaining our Freedoms and Liberties is a group which will feature discussions, exposes and information both about successes in maintaining our freedoms and liberties as well as reports regarding fake news, fake threats ( such as the false claims of “global warming”) and reports designed to expose the plans of the Power Elite to subvert and erase freedom and liberties in this world.  I urge Democrats, Republicans and independents to join together in this group to forward our common goal of maintaining freedom and liberty in this country and preserving it around the world or expanding it anywhere it might have been suppressed.

One must acknowledge or perhaps though involvement in this group come to realize that the Power Elite does have an agenda they are working on relentlessly, which contains no thought or effort to preserve freedom and liberty.  They  and their evil goals must be exposed and defeated.

This group should not be viewed as a negative or depressing group to be a part of – but rather one that encourages ALL people in this world and this group to be involved taking actions large or small in helping to preserve freedom and liberty.

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