El Chappo busted because of competent police work – I am NOT buying it!

by Brian

So here we have the notorious El Chappo drug lord “finally” busted and looking at the prospect of life in prison without the possibility of parole. While I agree, that he should never be a free man again, I do not believe the scenario that he is behind bars because of competent police work. El Chappo was worth billions. That alone would get the interest of those wanting to steal some of those riches for themselves. But we must remember that Congressman Sonny Bono, was shown documents by an FBI agent which showed him that many of our Senators and Congress members were ( and probably still are) on the take for some of the money made from the sale of illegal drugs. Bono stated that when the next session of Congress opened in January, that he was going to “expose what I know and have learned about and I am going to name names.” Suspiciously, Bono, it has been (mis) reported was killed in a skiing accident and that he hit a tree. Only flaw in this fake news was that his sunglasses were not even broken! Not broken in a frontal collision with a tree at skiing speeds? And the police report showed that he had “blunt force trauma to the back of his head.” Was he murdered because of the expose he promised to release? We may never know. But if what Bono learned is true, as I and many others do, this further leads me to believe rather than competent police work, that El Chappo had simply grown too powerful…was too rich. Those that are working to continue to make profits from the sale of illegal drugs ( I believe many of them are in the U.S. and at least some are Congress members and Senators and in other such positions) had to remove him as they wanted to grab some of the huge amounts of money he had accumulated and also wanted to permanently divert future profits to themselves. They simply no longer wanted to keep using and protecting El Chappo. He was now an impediment to the billions they could claim for themselves…so he was “busted.” He could have been arrested years ago, I am convinced, but a select few psychopaths wanted to keep getting profits from the organization El Chappo was establishing and had established for himself…for a while, until busting him meant more profits for them. Remember these few criminals allowed El Chappo to continue amassing a fortune despite the misery and suffering, murders and torture which was done by him and his followers for years, when they could have stopped these kinds of criminal acts. They chose profit over human lives. El Chappo busted by smart police work? No. By greed!

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