The Federal Reserve is the Problem in our Economy – NOT President Trump

by Brian

One can see clearly just how much of a problem the Federal Reserve is to this country’s economic health and that it’s time for a “divorce” from this non-American entity which controls the amount of money in our country. How? By reading the opening paragraph by Jim Tankersley with the New York Times News Service. “The Trump administration’s rosy view of the economy is increasingly diverging from a decidedly more cautious outlook from other prognosticators, including economists at the Federal Reserve and elsewhere, who are warning that growth is slowing, in part because of the president’s own policies.”

How laughable is this false pronouncement from the Federal Reserve and “elsewhere” (undocumented and unnamed sources)! It is the policies of the Federal Reserve and their limiting of allowing cash to be more abundant in our economy, which previous to Trump’s brilliant work on fixing our economy, WAS AND REMAINS THE PROBLEM!

From my book, “Plan for America and the World” comes this from chapter two – “The Federal Reserve”:

“As many of you know, the Federal Reserve Banking System, is the non-American controlled entity, that prints all U.S. currency.  Allowing such a situation as this to occur is simply one of the greatest “cancers” and scams ever fostered upon this country. It must be eradicated and the U.S. government placed in charge of printing and distributing our own paper money.  We must get back to a federal monetary system where we are printing our own paper money as well as distributing it.  Under such a system, our economy will flourish, in the same way that other countries including America did, whenever central banking interests were severely limited in their power and control over the supply of money.”

President Trump’s economic polices are working and are NOT the problem. The Federal Reserve and the international banking cartel is!

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