The New York Times shows its true colors

by Brian

It could not be more clear just how controlled covertly by The Power Elite the writing in the New York Times is than to take a look at the recent piece by Ross Douthat regarding President Trump’s doctrine of leadership when Douthat writes: “Two years into his presidency, Donald Trump has no clear legislative strategy, no policy agenda, no plan for remedying his persistent unpopularity and a path to re-election sufficiently bleak that he’s trying to bait a political naif, Starbucks billionaire Howard Schultz, into running as a third-party spoiler. Also he might be impeached.”

Really?!? If our justice system were operating properly, Douthat might be called up on lying because even his opening paragraph is chock full of misrepresentations to the point that wonders how much he was directed to write such a fictitious piece of garbage.

This is especially true when one takes a look at the business page and finds the following (which the Trump policies have helped bring about): “U.S. employers shrugged off the partial government shutdown and engaged in a burst of hiring in January, adding 304,000 jobs, the most in nearly a year. The U.S. has now added jobs for 100 straight months, the longest such period on record. Leslie Preston, a senior economist at TD Economics went on to state that: “The overwhelming conclusion from today’s numbers is that the U.S Labor market remained incredibly strong at the start of 2019.”

Can we ever trust pretty much anything that gets written in the New York Times from this point forward? Doubtful, very doubtful. What can be surmised is that their editorial and news departments most likely are directed in their writing, covertly, by The Power Elite, who see President Trump a threat to their continued manipulation of this country, their power and influence. President Trump is finally a President actually working for the interests and betterment of the lives and jobs and safety of American citizens. Talk of impeachment. That is the talk of desperate, covert and psychotic individuals, especially when things are going so well in this country, economically.

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