Kamala Harris – part of the problem and a danger – NOT part of the solution!

by Brian

So now we have Kamala Harris throwing her “hat” into a bid to become the President of the United States (let’s hope that NEVER comes to pass!).  This on a week when we lost 6 police officers. Harris, in my home town of Oakland, California ( embarrassingly) said some very negative remarks regarding our police force.  She is also another duped Democrat who apparently (unknown to her) is taking the side on issues which directly assist The Power Elite with their covert plans that have nothing to do with bettering life for any Americans.  She spoke out about the need for further gun control and that “someone should have required” our public servants ( the name all our elected officials should be called to remind them exactly who they work for) to look at the autopsy photos from the Sandy Hook school tragedy. First of all is Harris in her ignorance, proposing that this “someone” should be given a power (that is NOT in the U.S. Constitution) to be able to “order” our public servants?  Did she not swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution when she was sworn in?  And how can she be so ignorant and controlled by The Power Elite and their fellow criminals in the pharmaceutical industry arm that has pushed psychiatric drugs into our public schools, that she is blind to the FACT that psychiatric drugs were in the systems of nearly every individual that shot up schools and committed other such mayhem.  Of course the media owned by The Power Elite will never report on this fact because they are of course protecting the billions made by the pharmaceutical companies from the sale of these useless and dangerous drugs.  They, NOT the gun lobby, are guilty of the shootings in our country and should be investigated.  But Harris actually in my opinion, is an accessory to such mayhem for turning the blame away from these drugs, psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry and focusing the public instead on the questionable need for more gun legislation, which is another goal of The Power Elite.  That is why I believe her to be yet another Liberal who is forwarding the covert plans of The Power Elite, part of the problem(s) we face and definitely NOT part of any proper, constructive or meaningful solution. For a real breath of fresh air and real solutions and a positive outlook for Americans, watch Diamond and Silk – they are Grrrrrrrrreat!!!

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