The Democrats have crossed an ugly line!

by Brian

The legislative activities of Democrats all across the country in seeking to remove restrictions, especially on third-trimester abortions, has the Democratic party crossing a very disgusting, amoral and repulsive line. They are now working, as a party, to legalize and support abortions in the ninth month of pregnancy and even if the woman has physical signs that she about to give birth! When Democratic Virginia House Delegate Kathy Tran was asked about this, she stated flatly: “My bill would allow that, yes.”

Now we have all heard the overuse of calling individuals “Nazi’s”. Usually this is used very loosely anytime one either has run out of debate points, simply wants to embarrass the person or wreck their reputation and credibility, or the person is acting in a way that factually does place their actions on a par with the crimes against humanity exhibited by the worst members of the Third Reich.

I cannot and will not say (in desiring to retain my own credibility and to remain factual) that because of the legislative actions Democrats are taking all across the country regarding abortions that they are all, “Nazi’s”. However I will say that the murder of the unborn or in the case of Trans bill (the almost about to be born, unless in the case of refutable and proven danger to the life of the Mother, or an unsustainable condition of the baby) that making such abortions law comes within a razors edge of representing the most despicable, amoral, gross and revolting disregard for life. And this is an aspect of the Nazi regime that we all do find repugnant and quite horrible.

I would hope that those in the Democratic party that do still hold a much more ethical, more respectful and caring attitude towards life, will begin to speak out against the depravity of the more liberal members of their party.

It will be a bad situation for the prosperity of the Democratic party if their stand regarding abortions and other issues of the day comes anywhere close, echoes even a shadow, of the horrible crimes against humanity and society represented by the Nazi regime. It would also represent a growing disregard for the sanctity of life and that would represent a danger to the unborn and to all of us!

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