Plan for America and the World – Digital Edition




Plan for America and the World: In his first book on social-political issues, award-winning writer, Brian Gardner, takes on some of the most controversial topics and issues of our time and offers both proven, workable solutions and some of his own fresh ideas.

One theme which runs through the entire book is that ALL American citizens and ALL citizens of this world, bear a responsibility for the negative or positive outcome and future for our world. In his own words, Mr. Gardner lays out the purpose of his book and who the book was written to and for:

“My hope with Plan for America and the World, is that it validates the hard working, ethical and productive members of our society, who are still living by good values and who are also passing those values onto their children. They continue to hold things together in our country – America, but also the world at large, even though the U.S. And the World have rough spots and anti-social individuals causing harm and disruption and despite having to work within a system that has been purposely and covertly broken and under the control of, for the most part, an unethical Government. It must be remembered that America and the world at large, are not owned by covert Governments, Corporations or any one entity, but by one group of individuals : the citizens of this world.

So, I also hope that, Plan for America and the World, arouses, encourages, energizes and motivates all people of good will, to take their responsibility…their part, in taking actions to re-instore and preserve for ourselves and future generations, the Freedoms and Liberties, by which we are all protected and that we all cherish.”

“Plan for America and the World”, is Brian’s first book on social, political issues. And he says with a flair of confidence: “It may not be my last – stay tuned.”

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