Pelosi a quality politician?

by Brian

Things are pretty transparent when ex-President Obama makes a statement with no basis in fact, but was probably simply “ordered” to make such a false pronouncement as:  (Pelosi) “is one of the most effective legislative leaders that this country has ever seen.”

Pelosi and the Democrats under hers and the Power Elite’s covert sway, care more about flooding the country with illegal aliens so they can be placed on social services and then ( it is hoped) that the Democrats will garner their vote because of the social services they are getting for free.  Rather than effective for the people of this country – Obama’s statement is true if “effective” means for the twisted goals that the Power Elite has for this country.  If not and one is seeking to determine if Pelosi has been “effective” for the people of this country, my personal opinion is that she is a traitor to this country and Americans and what this country stands for.  That is my personal opinion from all that I have seen her stand for.  I have both a right to express my opinion and to share it with whomever I choose to.

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